Hello dear friends of CFW

We are writing to tell you of some changes that are underway regarding the Center for Wholeness. We have lost our lease and thus the Center space is transitioning. We are looking for new space but have nothing firm as yet.  Regularly scheduled classes at 4041 N High Street will end June 29, 2018. We will be in contact with you as plans evolve.

The Center opened in 1996 as the first dedicated yoga space in Columbus.  It began with a vision of community - an all volunteer run organization dedicated to the art and science of yoga and movement. We have had many classes, workshops, teachers, students, and gatherings over the past 22 years and are grateful for all of the support the Center has received. Our current location is our third space, and we are looking forward to whatever the next incarnation will be. Change is the only constant in the world and we are trying to be in the flow while maintaining the vision.

We have much gratitude to all of you, our community of teachers, students and volunteers for making the vision of the Center a reality. We will be in touch as things emerge and hope to see you all in the very soon future.

The Board and teachers of the Center for Wholeness